Autokids tactical medical backpack, Jumpable Field Med Pack

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Description of goods

Designed to meet the needs of mountain rescue professionals to meet the panel pack.

Made of strong packing cloth with strength and abrasion resistance. 

Custom Design flatters all panel layouts for easy access and quick response.

Pockets and shoulder straps for easy access to supplies and musical instruments.

Two detachable hand-held bags can hold an airway, a tube, a mask and a resuscitation kit.

The most comprehensive first aid kit we've ever seen.

Custom Thickened Comfort back, contour, padded, adjustable shoulder strap, padded, adjustable waistband.

Top and side compression straps, with handles, side straps for storage bags, bottom connecting rings for bedding or bags, metal drain holes, department ID tag hooks. Patches and transparent personal identification cards, the panel does not include   

Place of origin:china

Color:Black,Earthy color,Red,Green

Outer Material:Nylon


Shoulder strap type: Double Shoulder Strap